Kalamaria Tiganita 11.95
Crispy marinated squid, served with tzatziki.

Smoked Salmon 13.95
Served with cream cheese, capers, onions, drizzled with our dill sauce.

Garlic Prawns 12.00
Tender prawns sautéed with garlic butter.

Sikotakia Kotas 11.00
Pan fried chicken livers with oregano, garlic and lemon.

Escargot 8.50
White wine and garlic butter marinated escargot baked in the oven.

Dolmades 9.95
Grapevine leaves stuffed with ground beef, Greek herbs and rice, in avgolemono sauce.

One pound Clams 13.50
Clams simmered in a white wine broth with a hint of Pernod.

Feta cheese and olives 9.50

Chicken Exohiko 9.00
Slow baked chicken and cheeses wrapped in Phyllo pastry.

Sountzoukakia 11.00
Greek meatballs baked in a rich tomato sauce, sprinkled with feta cheese.

Saganaki 12.95
The famous Pan fried Kefalograviera cheese.

Garides Uvetsi 12.00
Prawns baked in a white wine tomato sauce with feta cheese.

Ribs Appetizer 13.95 
Baby back ribs in a tangy BBQ sauce.

Spanakopita 9.50
Spinach, herbs and feta cheese wrapped in golden phyllo pastry.

Tiropita 9.50
A blend of three cheeses wrapped in Phyllo pastry.

Pita Bread (2 pcs)​

Tzatziki 6.50
The classic Greek dip, yogurt, garlic and cucumber.

Homous 6.50
A Middle Eastern favorite, Chick peas, garlic and tahini.

Taramosalata 7.00
A lemony fish roe dip.

Combination of all 3 dips 13.00

Mezedes Platter

A medley of the classic Greek appetizers: Kalamaria, Sikotakia, Dolmades, Homous, Tzatziki, Feta, olives and pepperoncini peppers. 32.00

Soupes- Salates

Avgolemono 7.00
Chicken and rice soup in an egg and lemon broth.

Fasolada 7.00
Navy beans and vegetables in a tomato based soup.

Caesar Salad lrg 12.00  sm 9.00
Fresh Caesar salad with our own house made dressing

With shrimp lrg 16.95  sm 12.95

Horiatiki sm 9.00  med 11.95  lrg 15.95
Traditional Greek salad, crisp cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and feta drizzled with olive oil and balsamic.


Rack of Lamb 41.00
Tender lamb, Greek herbs and demi glace.

Kleftiko 27.00
Slow roasted lamb shoulder.

Spanakota 25.00
The original, spinach and Feta stuffed chicken breast and, white wine sauce.

Paidakia Skaras 31.00
Greek style grilled lamb chops.

Moussaka 24.00
Seasoned ground beef, eggplant, potato slices layered and finished with béchamel.

Sountzoukakia 21.00
Greek meatballs baked in a rich tomato sauce, sprinkled with Feta cheese.

Dolmades 21.00
Our famous stuffed grape vine leaves.

Greek style/BBQ Baby Back Ribs 28.00
Tender baby back ribs with Greek herbs or BBQ sauce.

Exohiko 25.00
Roast lamb, sautéed peppers and onions, 2 cheeses wrapped in phyllo pastry served with our house made lamb gravy.

8 oz New York Steak 29.00
Our 8oz juicy New York steak.
With one lobster tail 49.00 
With Tiger Prawns 37.00

Tender marinated cubes of meat grilled and served with Greek Salad, rice, roast potatoes and tzatziki.

Chicken Souvlaki (1 skewer) 19.00      (2 skewers)  23.00
Beef Souvlaki       (1 skewer)  21.00     (2 skewers)  28.00
Lamb Souvlaki     (1 skewer)  21.00     (2 skewers)   28.00


Souvlaki and Tiger prawns 28.00
Your choice souvlaki and tiger prawns served with rice, roast potatoes and vegetables.

Substitution for Greek salad for mains $3.00

Platters for 2

Cosmos Platter 70.00
Greek Salad starter, your choice souvlaki, lamb chops, spanakopita, dolmades, moussaka, rice, roast potatoes and vegetables.

Seafood Platte 85.00
Greek Salad starter, salmon, prawns, lobster, kalamaria, scallops, rice, roast potatoes and vegetables.


served with rice, roast potatoes and fresh veggies

Seafood Souvlaki (2 skewers)  27.00
Two skewers of halibut, salmon, prawns and scallops.

Prawn Souvlaki (2 skewers) 25.00
Two skewers of our juicy prawn souvlaki.

Ultimate Souvlaki (2 skewers) 35.00
Two skewers of lobster and prawns served with Greek salad.

Garides Uvetsi 25.00
Prawns baked in a white wine tomato sauce with Feta cheese.

Salmon 27.00
Steamed salmon filet, shrimps and white wine sauce.

Filet of Sole 27.00
Pan fried filet of sole and white wine shrimp sauce.

Kalamaria Tiganita 23.00
Our crispy squid served with rice and Greek salad.

Halibut 36.00
Steamed filet of halibut, in a dill cream sauce.

1 Atlantic Lobster Tail 36.00

Two Lobster Tails  55.00
Baked and served with drawn butter.

Garlic Prawns 25.00
Baked and served with drawn butter


Vegetarian Moussaka 22.00
Casserole dish with bulgur wheat, veggies and béchamel sauce.

Vegetarian Plate 22.00
Spinach pie, Greek Salad, homous, rice and veggies.